PestFree Philosophy

Pest Control Free Philly & Termite Inspection got our start several years ago as a local hub in our area for all-around comprehensive diagnostic and bug treatment services.  We stand by the values the company was founded on, and that is the importance of getting the initial steps of the pest removal treatment just right.  Correctly identifying the pest and choosing a plan of action to get them quickly out of your house or business is crucial, and it is best to choose a pro etymologist who will carefully guide you through all of your options before you make a decision.

To bring you the best, we offer services like termite inspection, extermination or removal of mosquitoes, bed bugs, wasps, hornets, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, rodents, and much more.  Our prices are kept affordable and we also offer free quotations upon request.  Stop by or call to schedule your next appointment with us.