Entomologists & Rodent Trap Experts

If you are dealing with a particularly tricky insect problem in your home or business and previous pest control companies have not been able to make a dent in the invasion, then it may be a situation that calls for an entomologist– a professional in the study of entomology.  Entomology is an official branch of zoology that deals with research in insects and everything about them.  Pest Control Free Philly & Termite Inspection has a great team of entomologists as well as eco-friendly alternative techniques which are less toxic to you and your household.

Fumigation is choice of pest removal that should never be taken lightly because of the toxic chemicals used which are capable of killing many bugs, but also capable of causing harm to your family members or business.  It also requires a lot of your time because all people must evacuate the building while the solution is being sprayed all around the building.  This course of action can also cause harm to the environment, so you should choose a business like Pest Control Free Philly, who will look through all the least toxic plans of action first.


We also take care of wild rodents that are around or in the home.  Especially in urban areas, rats or mice have the possibility of carrying disease or illness, and they compromise the quality of your food source as well.  Rather than killing on your property, we set up traps to capture the vermin and then take them with us to a separate location.  So get pests out of your house or business fast, with us at Pest Free Philly.