Hello from Pest Free Philly

If you are looking for professional level services in pest control, then it would really do some good to learn more about the nuances of the field of entomology.  Entomology is a particular branch of zoology, and has a focus on insects as opposed to other creatures.  When you seek the guidance of a learned entomologist like those at Pest Control Free Philly & Termite Inspector, that means you are getting so much more than just an extermination service; and you can be sure you are hiring someone with an above and beyond interest in what he or she does for a living.

Pest Control Free Philly has more than twenty five years of experience with building a solid reputation for our services in the local communities.  All members have received on-site training prior to being on the job.  We also screen all employees to make sure they are a fit for our team, and put a special emphasis on attitude and its importance to customer experience and satisfaction.  You can be sure that when you call our offices or stop by for a visit, that you will always be greeted and helped out by our friendly staff; we are quick to answer any questions that you may have, and offer free quotations upon request. For service in Bakersfield, CA ask us about our friends at Bez Valley Pest Control Free Inspection.

Most of us have heard about termites and their crazy appetites for wood, but do you really know what to look for in order to identify one in your home?  Whether it be bed bugs, termites, or any other bug locating and identifying the insect in-person is the first step you should focus on.  If you notice droppings around your pillowcases or a strong rotting raspberry odor and don’t have the time to go searching every nook and cranny for the perpetrators, then skilled entomologists like the ones at Pest Control Free Philly & Termite Inspection can get to it in a flash.  Our great team can rid any pest from your building less than half the time it would take an amateur, like the following:  hornets, fleas, dust mites, aphids, ladybugs, earwigs, wild vermin, wasps, bed bugs, and termites.

Although it certainly is not the most popularly sought after field in mainstream post-education, some universities have extensive entomology departments that are great sources for our team who continues their learning opportunities beyond the hiring process.  Rather than just focusing on the job well done of today, we at Pest Control Free Philly want to set ourselves apart from a lot of the competition in the area.  For this reason we also attend conferences and meetings among fellow entomologist, such as the International Congress of Entomology— one of the largest gatherings of insect scientists known to history.  When you hire us for pest control, you can be sure that we set our sights high in terms of quality and keeping our techniques & services updated to constantly improve as new research and developments are made in the field.  So if you want more than just a simple pest control company, trust the Pest Control Free Philly team for above and beyond a job well done.